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5 Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

If you are planning a bathroom remodel or renovation project you should carefully take the decision that can result in both a stylish and functional space. Read on to get an idea about the selection of design solutions that will help you to create a truly unique bathroom.

Mirrored Bathrooms Walls – Mirrors can be used to make an illusion of space in the small bathroom remodel and bounce light around them. The benefit of having mirrors in bath gives you a lighter, bright corner, a real wow factor, and a visual Drama. Consider Built-in storage – They are very useful for displaying bottles and other wares by adding more interest to the bathroom scheme. This design will emphasize the linear nature of the space and the storage of a complete room. It will make your bathroom storage a visual treat.

Solid Bathroom surfaces have been more popular having a variety of trends that begin its way into the bathroom by providing a hygienic waterproof surface in the room too. Make a statement with bold bathroom tiles - You can try a bold tile or color scheme that can lift a bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary as the bathroom goes to show. The exposed brick wall in this bathroom has been painted white and provides a striking backdrop to this bathroom.

Go Plant wild – It would be best for you to have a bathroom filled rich greenery or plants such as spider plants and look to ceilings, shelves, vanities, and even the floor to add pops of green. Fill all your empty spaces with greenery to transform your bathroom into a fantasy that you never want to leave. You need to focus on beautiful and functional items that can make your space both aesthetically and in practical terms.

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